The ASTER Volcano Archive (AVA) was created by members of the ASTER Joint Science Team under a series of proposals to the NASA Science of Terra and Aqua Program. All AVA Team members are also ex-officio members of the ASTER Geology Working Group, and Science Team Associates.

Principal Investigators

  • Ashley Davies, JPL. Principal Investigator—Responsible for overall project management and analyses of thermal radiance, aerosol, and lava flow data. ASTER Science Team Member; ASTER Geology Working Group Co-Chair; Responsible for implementing all algorithms.
  • Michael Abrams, JPL (ex-officio Deputy PI)—Advises on geologic evaluations of eruption parameters. U.S. ASTER Science Team Leader.

Support Staff

  • Alexander Torres, JPL—Scientist/systems analyst: Designed, built, and implemented processes to automate the request, retrieval and ingest of data from the LPDAAC, as well as product generation and verification. Designed and built the current AVA website (Version 4).
  • Howard Tan, JPL—Scientist/systems analyst: Designed and maintained the original (Version 1) AVA system. Howard also developed and manages the JPL ASTER-GAVL system, as well as having designed, developed, and maintained the JPL ASTERWEB site. He is the AVA systems manager.

Current Co-Investigators

  • Ashley Davies, JPL—Research Scientist. Responsible for implementing two-band models for analyses of thermal emissions and other thermal algorithms with PI and Linick.
  • Vince Realmuto, JPL—Research scientist. Responsible for SO2 algorithm and SO2 data analysis. Creates volcanic process simulations from time-series data.

Additional AVA Co-Investigators (pending FY2014 renewal)

  • Shan de Silva, Professor, Oregon State University and Earth Observatory of Singapore—Will serve as volcanology advisor to PI and will oversee creation of Large Silicic Province data sets; will lead analyses with Pieri and Self.
  • Glynn Hulley, JPL—Research Scientist. Responsible for provision of ASTER Global Emissivity Data for archive volcanoes, and creation of AVA-specific tiles of island volcanoes, and island arc volcanoes. Participation in thermal emission analyses with Davies, Pieri, and Linick.
  • Stephen Self, University of California at Berkeley—Also Research Scientist, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Former Head, Department of Earth Science, Open University, UK;Will serve as volcanology advisor to PI; will oversee creation of Large Basaltic Province data sets and lead analyses with Pieri and de Silva; analysis of eruption chronology data for Long Term Eruption Prediction / Landscape Evolution activity.
  • Greg Vaughan, US Geological Survey—Research Scientist;Collaborations on thermal analyses of ASTER data, thermal flux estimates, volcanic hazards analysis. Mendenhall Fellowship recipient.


  • Geoff Bland, NASA GSFC/Wallops — Director, Small UAV Instrumentation Lab; Will collaborate on provision and archiving of in situ airborne cal/val data, especially for the SO2 plume of Turrialba Volcano.
  • Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno, National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), Rome, Italy—Director of the Remote Sensing Group at INGV. Collaborations on analyses of active Italian volcanoes (e.g., Mt. Etna, Stromboli, Vulcano).
  • Robin Campion, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) — Institute of Geophysics, Ciudad de Mexico, Resident research scientist. Will participate with Pieri and Realmuto on the detection and analyses of SO2 emissions.
  • Hugo Delgado, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Professor, —Institute of Geophysics, Ciudad de Mexico. Volcanology advisor to PI, with emphasis on Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt.
  • Jorge Andres Diaz, Professor, University of Costa Rica— Collaborates on the provision of small UAV and portable mass spectrometry data to AVA, and for Turrialba Volcano data generally.
  • Alan Gillespie, Professor, University of Washington, Seattle—ASTER Science Team Member. Consults on temperature-emissivity separation issues.
  • Bernard Hubbard, USGS—Geologist, Eastern Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center. Creator and curator of AVA Alteration Zone data and web pages. Advises on natural hazards issues.
  • John (Lyle) Mars, USGS—Geologist, Eastern Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center. Provides lahar-related information for the AVA Alteration Zone web pages. Advises on hydrothermal deposits and clay mineralogy.
  • Mike Ramsey, Professor, University of Pittsburgh—ASTER Science Team Member. PI of the ASTER Urgent Response Project. Advises Pieri on current volcanic activity.

In Memoriam, Co-Investigator

  • Tim Gubbels, Sigma Space Corporation, Lanham, MD— Former Chief Research Scientist. Deceased, 12 May 2012. Tim was responsible for ASTER GDEM analyses and was conducting analyses of ASTER data related to geomorphic analyses of recent Volcan Poas (Costa Rica) volcanogenic landslides. We miss him.