"A prominent 2351-m-high stratovolcano occupying the western end of Pico Island is the highest volcano in the Azores. Pico volcano lies west of on an older linear volcano with numerous flank cones that forms most of the 48-km-long island. The conical, dominantly basaltic Pico volcano was constructed over the Montanha volcanic complex on the eastern side of the island and is capped by a 500-m-wide summit crater that is overtopped by a small steep-sided cone. Historical eruptions have been restricted to the flanks of Pico volcano and to the SE-trending rift zone, the Sao Roque Piedade volcanic complex, which is dotted by pyroclastic cones. An eruption during 1562-64 from the SE rift zone produced lava flows that reached the northern coast. An eruption from a nearby vent issued lava flows that traveled into the sea on the southern side of the island. A flank eruption from Pico in 1718 fed lava flows that reached both coasts."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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