Crater Basalt Volc Field
"The Crater Basalt volcanic field in the northern Patagonia region of Argentina covers an area of about 700 sq km. The volcanic field lies about 400 km east of the Perú-Chile trench along the broad regional, NW-SE-trending Gastre fault system. Nine cinder cones and spatter cones produced blocky lava flows of alkali basaltic, basanitic, and trachybasaltic composition. One of the largest features of the volcanic field is Cerro Fermín, a cinder cone that produced a half dozen lava flows. The highest cone, 1359-m Cerro Negro, fed lava flows that traveled to the west, east, and then NE, where its distal margin is cut by a provincial road. Some of the lava flows, such as those from Cerro Ventana and Cerro Contreras, cover Holocene shorelines of playa lakes."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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