"Yate volcano is a late-Pleistocene, glacially dissected basaltic-andesite stratovolcano with Holocene parasitic vents. One of these flank vents is labeled Volcán Yate on the Volcán Hornopirén 1:50,000 quadrangle map. Little is known of the geologic history of this isolated volcano, located NNE of Volcán Hornopirén, south of the Relancaví strait, although stratigraphic studies show evidence of Holocene eruptions. The elongated volcano contains six eruptive centers localized along a NW-trending fissure about 7.5 km long. The most recent activity originated from basaltic-andesite pyroclastic cones on the NW and western flanks. No historical eruptions are known from Volcán Yate, although the fresh morphology of its satellitic cones suggests an historical age (González-Ferrán, 1995). A non-eruptive volcanic landslide in 1965 produced a debris flow that reached Lake Cabrera, causing a tsunami that destroyed a settlement and caused 27 fatalities."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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