Antillanca Group
"The Antillanca Group is a cluster of late-Pleistocene to Holocene basaltic-to-andesitic scoria cones, maars and small stratovolcanoes covering an area of 380 sq km SE of Lago Puyehue and NE of Lago Rupanco. The most prominent edifice is the small 1990-m-high Casablanca stratovolcano of Holocene age, which has a truncated conical profile and produced major explosive eruptions about 2910 and 2260 radiocarbon years ago. Older late-Pleistocene stratovolcanoes, such as Sarnoso on the SW side and Fiuchá on the NW side, are extensively dissected by glaciers. Fissures oriented in four major directions influence the orientation of the cones of the Antillanca complex. Thermal areas are found in scattered locations on the NW side of the complex."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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