"Lonquimay is a small, flat-topped, symmetrical stratovolcano of late-Pleistocene to dominantly Holocene age immediately SE of Tolguaca volcano. A glacier fills its summit crater and spills down the south flank. The volcano is dominantly andesitic, but basaltic and dacitic rocks are also present. An E-W-trending fissure is present, but a prominent NE-SW fissure cuts across the entire volcano. The Cordón Fissural Oriental fissure zone extends 10 km to the NE and has produced a series of NE-flank vents and cinder cones, some of which have been the source of voluminous lava flows in historical time. Major lava flows erupted during 1887-90 and 1988-90 traveled up to 10 km from their NE-flank vents."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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