Cochiquito Volc Group
"A small group of young Argentinian volcanoes lies north of the town of Buta Ranquil, near where the Río Grande and Río Barrancas join to form the Río Colorado. Volcán Cochiquito is an alkaline basaltic stratovolcano of estimated Pleistocene-Holocene age north of the junction and has eight satellitic cones. Volcán Sillanegra (or Malal) is pyroclastic cone complex with two craters and basaltic aa lava flows located east of the Río Grande. Its age was estimated to be Holocene (González-Ferrán, 1995). Volcán Ranquil del Sur is a small stratovolcano south of the Río Barranca with an estimated Pleistocene-Holocene age that contains a 600-m-wide crater and produced andesitic pyroclastic material and lava flows."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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