Payun Matru
"Cerro Payún Matru is a massive hawaiian-style shield volcano in Argentina that lies 530 km from the oceanic trench. The 8 x 10 km alkaline caldera of Cerro Payún Matru was formed after about 168,000 years ago. The high point of the massif is 3680-m-high Cerro Payún stratovolcano, constructed over the SW flank of the shield. The Pleistocene Pampas Onduladas pahoehoe lava flow traveled 181 km, Earth's longest known Quaternary lava flow. Post-caldera basaltic eruptions produced more than 300 eruptive centers, mostly along E-W-trending fissures that extend across the entire shield volcano. Fluid aa lava flows from a youthful concentration of vents on the west flank known as Los Volcanes traveled more than 10 km. Other vent clusters of the 5200 sq km Payún Matru volcanic field are found on the lower NE and southern flanks, and a lava flow from Volcán Santa María on the NW flank traveled 15 km to the NE. At least 30 trachyandesitic lava domes and basaltic lava flows were erupted contemporaneously with the basaltic fissure eruptions. Oral traditions note that native tribes were present at the time of the latest eruption."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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