"Maipo, a conical stratovolcano that straddles the Chile-Argentina border SE of Santiago, partially fills the 16 x 20 km Pleistocene Diamante caldera, which formed about 0.45 million years ago during an eruption that produced an about 350 cu km rhyolitic ignimbrite. The Pleistocene cones of Volcán Don Casimiro and Cerro Listado were formed on the SW rim and SW flank of the caldera, respectively. The post-caldera Maipo stratovolcano rises about 1900 m above the caldera floor and was constructed by strombolian-vulcanian explosions. It has a youthful appearance, and ashfall deposits overlie glacial ice. Several parasitic cones were constructed on the east flank of Maipo along a series on en échelon NE-trending fractures. Lava flows from one of these cones blocked drainages in 1826 inside the caldera, forming Lake Diamante on the eastern caldera floor."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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