"This symmetrical Argentinian stratovolcano is the source of well-preserved lava flows of Holocene age from summit and flank vents (de Silva and Francis, 1991). Cerro Peinado is one of the youngest volcanoes in the region. The upper part of the 5740-m-high cone is blanketed by pyroclastic material. Two possible pyroclastic-flow lobes extend to the NW and north. Cerro Peinado contains an apron of pristine lava flows extending to 6 km. These were erupted from the main cone and from vents on the flank, including a prominent ESE-flank vent. Cerro Peinado is surrounded by small fields of cinder cones, maars, and pristine lava flows, located along N-S-trending faults, which are related to the Salar de Antofalla volcanic field."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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