Condor, Cerro el
"The compound volcano of Cerro el Cóndor, one of the few large stratovolcanoes located wholly in Argentina, lies within a 2.5-km-wide caldera. The complex lies to the north of Falso Azufre volcano, which straddles the Chile/Argentina border. The summit of Cerro el Cóndor contains several ash cones and craters that have been the source of a number of pristine lava flows, one of which traveled 10 km to the west. Satellitic centers also abound; one on the east flank produced a fresh-looking lava flow that traveled 8 km to the east. The morphologically youthful lava flows and pristine summit crater imply a Holocene age (de Silva and Francis, 1991)."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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