Negrillar, La
"The La Negrillar cone and lava flow complex (also known as Aguas Perdidas) covers a roughly 16 km area along the SW margin of the Atacama basin and was interpreted to be of Holocene age by de Silva and Francis (1991). Gardeweg (1993, pers. comm.), however, did not consider La Negrillar to be of Holocene age, and de Silva (2007 pers. comm.) noted that it was not as youthful looking as the other El Negrillar complex to the north, although it did show leveed lava flows and pristine craters. This basaltic-andesite volcanic field, distinct from El Negrillar (north of Socompa), lies WSW of Socompa volcano between the Sierra San Juan and Sierra Almeida."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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