"Two small stratovolcanoes, the Volcánes de Tilocálar, lie about 3 km apart in the Callejón de Tilocálar area. The volcanoes overlie Pliocene ignimbrites and were considered to be of Pleistocene-Holocene age by González-Ferrán (1995). The larger volcano, Tilocálar Sur, lies about 3.5 km SW of the northern volcano, Tilocálar Norte. Four basaltic-andesite to andesitic lava flows originated from 3116-m-high Tilocálar Sur, and an explosion crater lies a kilometer to the south. The 3040-m-high Tilocálar Norte lies near the eastern wall of the Callejón de Tilocálar and produced lava flows that traveled primarily to the north."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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