Jayu Khota, Laguna
"Two small youthful-looking maars are located in the Central Altiplano of Bolivia, north of Salar de Uyuni and east of Salar de Coipasa. Laguna Jayu Khota, initially considered to be a meteorite impact crater, was formed by basaltic-trachyandesite explosive volcanism. Nekhe Khota maar lies to the SW of Jayu Khota; both were considered by de Silva and Francis (1991) to be of probable Holocene age. Phreatomagmatic eruptions produced basaltic-trachyandesite pyroclastic deposits containing granitic xenoliths. The maars lie along a transverse lineament; the alkali basaltic cone of Chiar Kkollu is located nearby where this lineament intersects the regional trend."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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