"Ticsani is a 5408-m-high dacitic lava dome complex in the Ichuna district across the Río Tambo about 30 km SE of Huaynaputina volcano. Volcán Ticsani resembles Huaynaputina in its dacitic composition and explosive eruptive style. Both volcanoes lie about 50 km behind the main volcanic front of the Peruvian Andes. A fresh-looking lava field lies at the NW base of the youthful-looking, unglaciated volcano. A major debris avalanche produced by collapse of the volcano partially filled the Río Tambor to the south. Emplacement of three lava domes since the end of the Pleistocene was accompanied by explosive eruptions. No historical eruptions are known from Ticsani, but fumarolic activity continues, and pumice from the crater containing the youngest lava dome overlies tephra from the 1600 AD Huaynaputina eruption."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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