"The Andahua-Orcopampa volcanic field in the Andahua valley area, 20 km ENE of Nevados de Coropuna, is a large 60 x 60 km scoria cone and lava field. Known locally as the "Valley of the Volcanoes," the volcanic field lies in a series of deep NNW-SSE-trending, on echelon valleys: Orcopampa, Andahua and Ayo. The volcanic field contains extremely youthful dominantly trachyandesitic cinder cones and lava flows that have destroyed buildings and may be only a few hundred years old. The area was reported to have been active during the time of the Incas and to have "become active again" in 1913. Lava flows have repeatedly dammed the Río Andagua valley, and an existing small lake was impounded by the youngest lavas."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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