"The Licto group of scoria cones lies along the Río Chambo about 25 km SE of the city of Riobamba and just north of the town of Licto. These three basaltic-andesite to andesitic cones form the southernmost area of Quaternary volcanism in the Interandean valley of Ecuador. The basaltic-andesite Cerro Tulabug at 3336 m is the highest of the cones and rises 3 km NW of the town of Licto. Loma Bellavista, 2 km NE of the town, is a 3113-m-high andesitic scoria cone. A third cone, Licto, is of basaltic-andesite composition. The Licto group was considered to be of late-Pleistocene or Holocene age (Hall, 1987, pers. comm; Eissen, 2006, pers. comm.) based on the relatively youthful morphology of the cones."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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