"The twin glacier-covered peaks of Iliniza volcano form prominent landmarks west of the Interandean valley. Iliniza Norte lies 1.8 km NNW of the higher peak, 5248-m Iliniza Sur. The dominantly andesitic-to-dacitic Iliniza is largely, if not entirely Pleistocene in age. However, the Tishigcuchi (Rasuyacu) lava dome on the south flank was active during the Holocene. Recent work suggests that Iliniza itself, which is substantially eroded, may have had relatively young eruptions (Hall 1987, pers. comm.). Iliniza Norte is a remnant of the main volcanic edifice, and the younger Iliniza Sur is an andesitic-dacitic stratovolcano surrounded by thick pyroclastic-flow deposits. An explosive eruption formed a small caldera, which is partially filled by a lava dome forming the summit of Iliniza Sur. Two lava domes are found on the southern and NE flanks of the complex."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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