Azul, Volcan
"Volcán Azul (Volcán Blue) consists of three youthful trachybasaltic cinder cones on the jungle-covered Atlantic coastal plain of Nicaragua that were first noted by geologists during an aerial overflight in the 1960s. The three cones, located south of the Río Curinhuás and west of Pearl Lagoon, each have well-defined, steep-walled craters about 50-60 m across. In contrast to the circular rims of the other two cones, the rim of the easternmost cone is breached to the west. The well-defined craters and unusually low vegetation in an area of heavy rainfall and rapid weathering led Williams and McBirney (1965) to estimate that the cones were probably no more than a few thousand years old. Other trachybasaltic to trachytic Quaternary cones along the central Nicaraguan Atlanatic coastal plain are found at Pearl Lagoon and Kukra Hill."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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