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Ciguatepe, Cerro el
"Cerro el Ciguatepe is one of several Quaternary volcanoes that lie in the Nicaraguan interior highlands, east of the Nicaraguan depression. The steep-sided stratovolcano was constructed east of the Río Pacora, NE of Lake Managua at the boundary of the flat-lying Tertiary ignimbrite deposits with the fault-blocks bordering the Nicaraguan depression. A small lava flow extends a short distance beyond the base of the cone through a breach in the SW wall of the well-preserved 1.5-km-wide crater. A blocky plug dome occupies the center of the crater. The relatively well-preserved Cerro el Ciguatepe cone is morphologically similar to the youthful cones of the Nejapa alignment (van Wyk de Vries 1999, pers. comm.) and may be of Holocene age."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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