"A semi-arcuate, N-S-trending fissure located between the city of Granada and the eastern rim of Apoyo caldera was the source of the Granada alignment of small cinder cones and craters. The lineament (also known as the La Joya alignment after La Joya explosions craters SW of Granada) cuts across the flanks of Apoyo caldera only 2 km from its rim. However, the Granada alignment is structurally distinct from the caldera and is analogous to the Nejapa-Miraflores alignment north of Masaya volcano. The lineament extends from north of Granada to the northern flanks of Mombacho volcano and is characterized by the eruption of basaltic lavas and tephras compositionally similar to mid-ocean ridge basalts. A series of interconnecting collapse-explosion pits similar to those at Nejapa-Miraflores lies immediately east of the Granada cinder cone alignment. The Granada lineament originated about 12,000 years ago, and the latest eruptions may have occurred as recently as about 2000 years ago."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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