"Conchagua is a conical, but deeply eroded stratovolcano overlooking the Gulf of Fonseca at the SE tip of El Salvador. Conchagua (also known as Cochague) is elongated in a WSW-ENE direction, and the eastern and southern flanks descend into the sea. Cerro de La Bandera, ENE of Cerro del Ocote, the 1225-m-high summit of Conchagua, appears to be younger in age. Multiple peaks mark the summit of Cerro del Ocote, whose flanks are more dissected than those of Cerro de La Bandera. Recently active fumarolic areas form barren spots on both major peaks of this little-studied volcano. Eruptions reported at Volcan Conchagua for the years 1522, 1688, 1868, and 1947 are erroneous, and may refer to landslides associated with earthquakes."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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