"The small stratovolcano of Chinameca (also known as El Pacayal) is dwarfed by its towering neighbor San Miguel, which lies across a low saddle to the SE. A 2-km-wide, steep-sided caldera, Laguna Seca el Pacayal, truncates the 1300-m-high summit of Chinameca volcano, whose flanks are draped with coffee plantations. The Holocene cone of Cerro el Limbo on the western flank rises to 1380 m, above the level of the caldera rim, and a Holocene lava flow extends from a NNW-flank vent into the lowlands to the north beyond the town of Chinameca (Weber and Weisemann, 1978). A group of fumarole fields is located on the north flank of the volcano surrounds the city of Chinameca, and the volcano has been the site of a geothermal exploration program."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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