Tigre, El
"Cerro el Tigre is the highest, NE-most, and oldest of the cluster of coalescing basaltic to basaltic-andesite Quaternary volcanoes between the Río Lempa and San Miguel volcano. The summit crater of El Tigre has been destroyed by erosion, and the flanks of the volcano are deeply dissected. Two large NNW-trending valleys, parallel to other regional fissures, cross the volcano, which lies about 7 km SE of Tecapa volcano and a similar distance NE of Usulután volcano. Although El Tigre itself is Pleistocene in age, two young cones on its flanks were mapped as Holocene by Weber and Wiesemann (1978). Cerro Oromontique and Cerro la Manita were erupted on the western and southern flanks of El Tigre, respectively, along a NW-SE-trending fissure extending towards Tecapa volcano."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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