"Taburete volcano rises above the Pacific coastal plain east of the Río Lempa at the SW end of a cluster of volcanoes between San Vincente and San Miguel volcanoes. Basaltic to basaltic-andesite Volcán Taburete is elongated in a NW-SE direction and overlaps with Tecapa volcano to the NE. The 1172-m-high summit of Taburete forms a prominent peak that rises about 170 m above the southern crater rim. A well-preserved, 150-300 m deep summit crater has a low point on its eastern rim. A fairly recent lava flow descends the southern flank of the volcano (Williams and McBirney, 1955). Loma Pacha cone on the lower SE flank fed a thick lava flow that traveled 1 km to the SE. The age of the most recent eruption of Taburete is not precisely known, and Weber and Wiesemann (1978) did not map Holocene deposits from Taburete."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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