Cinotepeque, Cerro
"Cerro Cinotepeque is the largest and most prominent of a group of four pyroclastic cones of Holocene age mapped by Weber and Weismann (1978) in low-lying areas on either side of the Río Lempa, about 40 km north of San Salvador. Cerro Cinotepeque (also spelled Cinotepec) lies south of the river; two other cones, Cerro Santiago and Cerro Mosquito, lie immediately north of the river. A fourth cone is located along the Río Gualchayo about 10 km farther north. A large group of small Pleistocene stratovolcanoes and pyroclastic cones constructed along NW-SE-trending faults is located west and south of Cerro Cinotepeque and west of Guazapa volcano."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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