Singuil, Cerro
"The most prominent feature of a volcanic field in the interior valley of El Salvador near the Guatemalan border SE of Volcán Chingo is Cerro Singüil. This 957-m-high scoria cone, also known as El Cerron, has a well-preserved summit crater and is part of a group of cinder cones and explosion craters mapped as Holocene in age by Weber and Wiesemann (1978). A young basaltic lava flow extends to the NNE down the valley of the Quebada La Presa, the headwaters of the Río Guajoyo. The volcanic field includes a line of three NNE-trending explosion craters north of the city of Chalchuapa, the highest of which is 1035-m-high Cerro Tablas."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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