Cofre de Perote
"Cofre de Perote is a massive Quaternary andesitic-dacitic shield volcano that anchors the NNE end of a volcanic chain extending southward to Pico de Orizaba (Citlalt├ępetl) volcano. Lava flows dominated in formation of the broad compound shield volcano, which is largely of Pleistocene age and is morphologically distinct from the steep-sided stratovolcanoes of the Mexican Volcanic Belt. Glaciation at the summit has left a steep-sided, box-like peak, which is sometimes referred to as the "Treasure Chest of Perote." A large compound escarpment formed in part by multiple edifice collapses cuts the eastern side of the volcano. Numerous monogenetic cinder cones, likely related to regional volcanism, were erupted through the flanks of Cofre de Perote volcano. A cluster of very youthful basaltic cinder cones is located on the NE flank, and young lava flows have traveled eastward to beyond the major city of Xalapa (Jalapa), the capital of the state of Veracruz. The youngest lava flow, from the compound El Volcancillo vent on the lower NE flank, was radiocarbon dated at about 900 years ago."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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