Atlixcos, Los
"Los Atlixcos, also known as Cerro el Abra, consists of a shield volcano topped by two large pyroclastic cones and associated lava fields at the eastern end of the Mexican Volcanic Belt along the Gulf of Mexico about 80 km NW of the city of Veracruz. The two pyroclastic cones, both known as Cerro los Atlixcos, lie along an E-W line about 2 km apart; both cones are breached to the east. A broad apron of basaltic lava flows extends primarily to the north and east, reaching as far as the coast. The extent of the lava shield is defined by the Río Santa Ana on the NE and the Río El Tecuán on the south. The youthful morphology of the cones caused Negendank et al. (1985) to consider them to be of Holocene age. Other pyroclastic cones of Quaternary age are located to the NW, and a group of cones and silicic lava domes of Tertiary-to-Quaternary age were constructed along the coast to the SE."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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