Isabel, Isla
"Isla Isabel, a complex of tuff cones and associated lava flows, forms a small 1.5-km-long island located in the Pacific Ocean 30 km off the coast of Narayit state, NW of the city of Tepic. Despite its apparent location at the western end of the Mexican Volcanic Belt, Isla Isabel consists of alkaline basaltic rocks and tephra similar to those of other Mexican island volcanoes and in the Northern Mexican Extensional Province. The island is a wildlife sanctuary whose rocks and vegetation are mantled with guano. Spectacular exposures of the interior of the tuff cones forming the island can be found in sea cliffs of the main island and offshore islets. The age of the most recent eruptive activity is not known, but morphology and a negative Argon-Argon age from a young sample suggests activity may have continued into the Holocene. One youthful-looking unvegetated lava flow of unknown age is located on the NW side of the island."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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