Durango Volc Field
"The broad Durango volcanic field covers 2100 sq km at the NW corner of the Meseta Central near the eastern edge of the Sierra Madre Occidental of north-central México. The expansive undissected lava plain lies within the Mexican Basin and Range province and is located NE of the city of Durango. The Durango volcanic field is dotted with about 100 Quaternary basanitic cinder and lava cones as well as several important xenolith localities. La Breña-El Jagüey maar complex consists of two intersecting maars, the largest of which (La Breña) contains a series of nested cinder cones. The maar complex is one of the youngest eruptive centers of the Durango volcanic field and was considered by Aranda-Gómez et al. (1992) to be only a few thousand years old."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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