Markagunt Plateau
"A group of basaltic cinder cones and lava vents on the Markagunt Plateau east of Cedar Breaks National Monument in SW Utah has produced youthful, sparsely vegetated lava flows. Products of an older episode of volcanism producing trachytic, andesitic and rhyolitic lavas were succeeded by basaltic lavas of two different ages. Several lines of NE-SW-trending cinder cones occur within the volcanic field, with the youngest flows being located near Panguitch Lake on the north and Navajo Lake on the south. Navajo Lake formed when a thick, blocky flow from a nearby vent dammed Duck Creek. Young lava flows, many of which are fissure fed, have distinct margins and covered or diverted stream drainages, which have for the most part not been reestablished across the flows. The oldest trees on the youngest flows are about 900 years old (Gregory, 1949). Native American legends note "smoking hills" in the Panguitch Lake area."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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