Santa Clara
"A Pliocene-to-Quaternary volcanic field north of St. George in SW Utah contains numerous cinder cones and lava flows. The Santa Clara lava flow, originating from two youthful cinder cones above Snow Canyon, is one of the youngest late-Quaternary lava flows in the Colorado Plateau/Basin and Range region. The sparsely vegetated flow traveled 16 km to the south down Snow Canyon, excavated through rocks of the colorful Navajo Sandstone. The age of the Santa Clara flow is not known precisely, but was initially estimated from degree of erosion to be about the same age as the roughly 1000-year-old Sunset Crater in Arizona (Hamblin, 1987). The later discovery of skeletal remains and Indian artifacts with an estimated age of 1500-2500 years within a collapsed lava tube, as well as other geomorphological arguments, suggested that the flow could be 10,000-20,000 years old (Higgins, 2003). Older Snow Canyon flows of two generations now cap mesa tops as a result of topographic inversion."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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