Silver Lake
"Lava flows from two isolated cinder cones NW of Lassen Peak blocked drainages, forming three small lakes. The cones lie SW of Burney Mountain and WNW of MaGee Peak. Lava flows from the Silver Lake cinder cone formed Silver Lake NE of the cone and crescent-shaped Author Lake to the east and traveled 3.5 km to the SW. The crater of Silver Lake cone is open to the SW. The flat-topped Buckhorn Lake cinder cone to the SE of Silver Lake dammed up Buckhorn Lake, NE of the cone, and produced a lava flow that traveled 3.5 km to the SW. These basaltic cones are of possible Holocene age, but lie outside the area of glaciation at Lassen and their age is not known with certainty."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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