Brushy Butte
"Brushy Butte forms a small shield complex immediately east of Timbered Crater, SSE of the Medicine Lake Highlands. The Brushy Butte complex has produced a broad apron of basaltic lava flows with fresh-looking flow features that extends preferentially down the regional gradient to the south as far as the Falls River valley. Soil development and revegetation suggested a Holocene age similar to that of Hat Creek flow to the south (Peterson and Martin, 1980), and Miller (1989) also mapped Brushy Butte as Holocene. The Hat Creek flow, however, has been dated at 24,000 +/- 6000 years Clynne (2007, pers. comm.), and Brushy Butte and other young vents between Medicine Lake and Lassen volcanoes could be of latest Pleistocene or early Holocene age."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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