Cinnamon Butte
"Cinnamon Butte, Thirsty Point, and Kelsay Point are forested cinder cones along a WNW-ESE line immediately west of the Cascade crest and NE of Diamond Lake. The cones have well-preserved summit craters, and lava flows appear to be unglaciated, suggesting they are younger than 11,000 years (Sherrod, 1991). Lava flows from Cinnamon Butte pass through gaps of late-Pleistocene moraines, although all three cones are mantled by and thus older than the roughly 6845-year-old Mazama Ash associated with the formation of nearby Crater Lake caldera. Other cinder cones and a lava dome of Pleistocene age are located nearby, mostly west of the Cascade Range crest."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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