Four Craters Lava Field
"The Four Craters Lava Field is the SE-most of a group of three basaltic lava fields SE of Newberry volcano in the High Lava Plains of central Oregon. The Four Craters Lava Field originated from four pyroclastic cones that were constructed along a roughly 4-km-long NW-SE-trending line. The NW-most and highest cone has a well-preserved crater rim. The other cones are breached to the west, SW, and south, respectively. The age of the Four Craters lava field is not known precisely, but it was considered to be latest Pleistocene or early Holocene (Sarna-Wojciki et al., 1983). Sherrod (1995, pers. comm.) noted that the age is not well constrained, but could be latest Pleistocene."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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