Squaw Ridge Lava Field
"The Squaw Ridge lava field, also known as the East lava field, is the middle of a group of three young basaltic fields located in the High Lava Plains SE of Newberry volcano. In contrast to the small fissure vents of the adjacent Devils Garden lava field, the Squaw Ridge field consists of a shield volcano capped by the Lava Mountain pyroclastic cone complex that forms a prominent topographic high. Lava flowed in all directions for distances up to 6 km from the summit cone complex. The age of the lava field is not known precisely, but it was considered to have formed during the latest Pleistocene or early Holocene (Sarna-Wojciki et al. 1983). Sherrod (1995 pers. comm.) noted that the age is not well constrained, but could be late Pleistocene."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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