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Bridge River Cones
"The Bridge River Cones volcanic field consists of a group of small basaltic and trachybasaltic eruptive centers at the extreme northern end of the Garibaldi volcanic belt in SW British Columbia. Pleistocene volcanic necks and cones were Potassium-Argon dated at 0.97 and 0.59 million years ago in the Salal Creek area and display ice-contact features (Lawrence et al., 1984). Tuber Hill is a small subaerial 600,000-year-old basaltic stratovolcano to the north that was constructed on the Bridge River upland when neighboring valleys were filled with ice. Lava flows that overlie poorly consolidated glacial till and appear to post-date the latest glaciation are found immediately north of Bridge River. The youngest flow may be less than 1500 years old (Souther; in Wood and Kienle, 1990)."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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