Keluo Group
"The Keluo volcanic field in NE China is located near the Russian border, south of the Heilongjiang (Black Dragon) River. The Keluo field, like its better known neighbor to the south, the Wudalianchi volcanic field, contains many high-potassium basaltic cinder cones. Nanshan cone, located at the southern end of the field north of the Keluo River, may be of historical age based on its youthful lava topography, and Gushan may also be of Holocene age. Other cones to the NE are of Pleistocene to Tertiary age. Cinder cones of the Keluo volcanic field are located at the intersections of regional NE- and NW-trending lineaments and were erupted through basement volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Jurassic-Cretaceous age, granitic rocks, and pre-Permian metasediments. There are unconformed reports of historical activity at Keluo."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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