Kunlun Volc Group
"The Kunlun volcano group in NW Tibet contains 70 well-preserved pyroclastic cones. The trachyandesitic Ashikule volcano group at the western end of the Kunlun Mountains is the site of at least 10 volcanoes of Pliocene-to-Holocene age, including Ashi Shan volcano, the youngest in China. This and several other young cones lie in the area around Ashi (Aqqikkol) and Wuluke (Ulugkol) lakes. China's most recent volcanic eruption was observed by a road-building crew on May 27, 1951, at Ashi Shan (also known as Ka-er-daxi or Vulkan) pyroclastic cone. The eruption began with a loud detonation and ejected large blocks, emitting "smoke" for a number of days. An unconfirmed eruption was reported in the 19th century."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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