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Oka Plateau
"A group of small basaltic cinder cones on the Oka Plateau, about 200 km WNW of the SW tip of Lake Baikal, was the source of a postglacial alkalic-basalt lava flow that traveled 75 km down the Zhom-Bolok River. The morphologically youthful flow bends around glacial moraines and fills an erosional valley in an older flow dated at 12,000 +/- 4000 yrs BP (Before Present). Other young eruptions, such as those from the 90-m-high Kropotkin cinder cone and 120-m-high Peretolchin cone, produced voluminous lava flows not yet dated, and another Holocene cinder cone, Strariy, is located nearby. This area is part of the East Sayan volcanic region; Holocene activity took place in the Todzha Basin, which is separated from the Oka Plateau by the Great Sayan Ridge."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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