"Kekurny is the northernmost of two overlapping small late-Quaternary Icelandic-type basaltic to basaltic-andesite shield volcanoes located north of Anaun volcano and west of Krainy volcano in the southern Sredinny Range. A chain of small cinder cones was constructed along a NE-SW-trending rift cutting across the 1377-m-high volcano. The 1336-m-high Bunanya shield volcano is located immediately to the south of Kekurny and has cinder cones on its NE flank. Early geologic studies in the Sredinny Range (Ogorodov et al., 1972) identified numerous Holocene eruptive centers based primarily on morphological criteria. However, later work has suggested that Sredinny Range volcanoes are less mantled by Holocene tephras than eastern Kamchatka volcanoes and therefore appear more youthful, so that Holocene eruptions are uncertain for many of these Sredinny Range eruptive vents."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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