Karpinsky Group
"The Karpinsky group on southern Paramushir Island consists of three Holocene andesitic volcanic centers at the southern end of the Karpinsky Ridge. A postulated caldera is thought to have been primarily excavated by glaciers (Gorshkov, 1970). The NE cone has a crater breached to the NW that contains a small horseshoe-shaped cone and a vigorous fumarole along the NE crater wall. A lava flow originating from the cone traveled 7 km to the SE. The 1345-m southern cone forms the high point of the Karpinsky massif and fed lava flows to the SE and west. The NW cone displays hot springs and sulfur cones containing liquid sulfur that is occasionally ejected outward. A minor ash ejection following an earthquake in 1952 marked the only historical eruption of the Karpinsky group."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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