Lomonosov Group
"The Lomonosov volcano group, south of Tatarinov volcano on southern Paramushir Island, consists of four cinder cones and a lava dome of Holocene age that were constructed along a N-S line. The northernmost cone was purely explosive; the second cone, Mount Boryask, produced a 3.5-km-long lava flow that traveled to the east. The third cone was the source of a lava flow that traveled 5.5 km to the east and NE. The 1681-m high point of the complex is Lomonosov proper, a lava dome located near the southern end of the volcano group. It fed a 7-km-long lava flow extending westward nearly to the shore of the Sea of Okhotsk. The southernmost vent was the source of a lava flow that traveled 4 km initially SE and then east."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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