Fuss Peak
"Fuss Peak in the northern Kuriles forms a peninsula that lies across a low isthmus on the SW coast of Paramushir Island. The volcano rises 2800 m from the floor of the Sea of Okhotsk to a height of 1772 m. This isolated symmetrical andesitic stratovolcano has a 700-m-wide, steep-walled crater that is 300 m deep. A deep notch cuts the NW rim of the crater to the level of the crater floor, at the head of a canyon that reaches the coast. Well-preserved lava flows occupy the middle and lower flanks, particularly on the east and SE sides. Only one unambiguous historical eruption, in 1854, is known from Fuss Peak. Reports of eruptions in 1737, 1793, 1857, and 1859 are false (Gorshkov, 1970). Murayama (1987) also listed an eruption in 1742 (only earthquakes and a tsunami are cited by Sapper, 1917) and "smoke" emission in 1933."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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