"Smirnov is a gently sloping 1189-m-high stratovolcano, located immediately west of Tiatia volcano at the NW tip of Kunashir Island in the southern Kuriles. The northern flank of the andesitic volcano in part retains a constructional form, but the southern side has been heavily eroded by glaciers, exposing its Tertiary basement. A wide glacial trough on the SE flank contains a pyroclastic cone at its head that fed a 4-km-long lava flow. Another pyroclastic cone is located at the base of the trough near the terminus of the lava flow. Two fresh-looking lava domes of Holocene age also lie within the glacial valley to the north. On the NW side Smirnov overlaps the late-Pleistocene andesitic-to-dacitic Rurui volcano, which has an active fumarole field on its western flank."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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