NW Eifuku
"NW Eifuku is a small submarine volcano that pales in size in comparison to its larger neighbors, but displays vigorous thermal activity. The summit of the basaltic-to-andesitic Northwest Eifuku volcano lies 1535 m below the sea surface; the seamount lies at the NW end of a chain of submarine volcanoes that includes Eifuku and Daikoko, at the SE end. Hydrothermal fluid emission at NW Eifuku includes liquid carbon dioxide bubbles venting from "white smokers," one of only two places where natural liquid carbon dioxide emission has been observed. The hydrothermal field, named Champagne, was discovered during a 2003 NOAA expedition and lies in the steep headwall of a slope-failure scarp that cuts the summit and SW side of the volcano."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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