Kaitoku Seamount
"A submarine eruption was observed in 1984 from the SE peak of Kaitoku Seamount (Kaitoku Kaizan), a three-peaked submarine volcano 130 km NW of Iwo-jima. The SE peak is also known as Higashi-Kaitokuba (East Kaitokuba). A submarine eruption had previously been reported in 1543 from a point near the SW summit, the shallowest of the three, also known as Nishi-Kaitokuba (West Kaitokuba). The Japan Meteorological Agency (1996) listed depths of 103, 353, and 506 m for the SW, SE, and northern summits, respectively. The three volcanoes, whose summits are 13-18 km apart, are the highest features of a massive submarine volcano."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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