"Mikura-jima is a small steep-sided island located between the more well-known Miyake-jima and Hachijo-jima volcanoes. O-yama forms the 851-m-high summit of the basaltic-to-andesitic island, which is surrounded by cliffs up to about 500 m high and dissected on the southern-to-eastern sides. The sparsely populated island consists of a large stratovolcano with lava domes on the SE side. Several small sea stacks are located immediately offshore, including one 73 m high off the SE tip of the island. Growth of the stratovolcano took place until about 7000 years ago, and the latest activity occurred about 6000 years ago, when explosive eruptions and pyroclastic surges accompanied lava dome growth."  -Smithsonian Volcano Archive
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